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When you are travelling and with a short time in the city you have to see everything no matter what...This thursday the weather was not so friendly so Rio shown its winter profile. YES, WE DO HAVE WINTER...but it is never cold as you are used to see specially if you live in North America or Europe. But rain in Rio does not last long...

I am still with my maltese friends trying to give them the best experience in Rio ever!!!

But this is to tell you that YES WE CAN HAVE FUN IN RIO WHEN IT RAINS.

We started our rainy day at the Botanical Gardens and going to this quiet spot of Rio is always a chance to learn more about our Nature, to see some rare plants from all over Brazil and also some other countries and a fantastic chance to see some amazing birds!

Samuel and Annis were incredibly happy to see one of our most beautiful places...a couple in honey moon and so many nature all around, that's all they need to experience the romantic side of Rio.

And by the way I am very proud to be their friends!

By the way, everytime I go to a place where the Nature reigns, I always remember a poem written by Jeam Kellam, she is a poet from Viriginia, I am sure you never heard about her, but once she wrote:

A midnight mist does rise
Against the starry skies
But all is unseen
Under jungle canopy
And silent are my cries
Another night does fall

And gives life to things that crawl
Beneath my feetAnd then retreat
Nothing I can do at all
A maze gets rearranged

Everything seems changed
I could run and run
But until there's sun
I need to be restrained
A forest in disguise

A million places to hide
If I were small
Or ten feet tall
But nothing in my size
The feeling of being chased

Leaves a bitter
A jungle that has no sympathy
For those without eympathy
Until dawn's saving grace....

Beutiful, eh??? Anyway, I am so inspiring this morning, heheheh :))))

I gave John the cool opportunity to have a jungle picture under the weird palms of Misiones, the roots remind thick anacondas, and nothing can be more tropical than this interesting species. John is very much into Nature and he was so happy to see so many beauties all around and it was a great joy for me to be able to show our green profile of Rio de Janeiro.

The living room was amazing but the sofa not so comfortable, that was Andrew in the lake that we crated to give people an idea about the Amazon ecosystem, visiting the Gardens will make you understand more about our vegetation and wild places! it is always nice a visit to the Botanical Gardens before visiting the incredible variety of wilderness in Brazil. That is why Rio is really the gateway of the country!
After a visit to the Jardim Botanico we headed West to visit our most unknown coast with a very cool (literally) stop in the beach of Recreio, it is an absolutely local place, away from the very touristy side of Rio which is also very vibrant and interesting. We had a lovely time there watching the huge waves. Recreio is the natural continuation of another beach that we already visited, Barra da Tijuca!
Samuel and Annis can say that they visited some unique places in Rio de Janeiro.
Andrea also enjoyed to see the far ending mountains of the city, very far away from Copacabana, this great member of Malta's island is completely amazed about Rio and he knows he will come back over and over again.

Andrew and the ISLAND OF PONTAL in Recreio Beach, visiting this place you will see many wonderful views of one place that very few people can reach. In sunny days, this is the favorite beach of Cariocas, specially the ones who live quite far from the main places of Rio. Actually this is one of the beaches in Rio that I love visiting.
Well, so you can see, if you are in the mood to see new things, you can visit Rio under the rain...just bring a rain jacket and a brolly (umbrella) and let's have fun!!!
We also stopped for lunch at the delicious and fantastic local restaurant, A MINEIRA...
Only visiting this restaurant is a BIG reason for us to explore Rio de Janeiro when it rains!!!
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