Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Every tour is special, you make people learn a lot about your own land, and I learn much more about people and the countries they are from!!! Today I am expressing my Maltese Side I guess, all surrounded by very funny friends from that island!!! They decide to visit Brazil just like they do every single year and I have the BIG BIG BIG BIG HONOR TO WELCOME ALL THE PEOPLE THAT COMES WITH MY ENOURMOUSLY DEAR BROTHER JOHN PAUL!!!

Today we had a NATURE ORIENTED EXPEDITION IN RIO...We visited the Christ where all tours should start so from the top of the Hill of Corcovado you can understand the Rio's geography better. And it is also a first visit to a gorgeous National Park called Tijuca. The Monument is part of the Park and one of the reasons you visit it is that this place is simply one of the greatest wonders in this Planet. SO YOU'VE GOT TO BE THERE, RIGHT????

Rio is getting more and more famous, it is a destination that many people dream about visiting and get prepared to meet a very international crowd, you will hear many different languages, even Maltese (SAHAA TO EVERY BODY!!!). So you have to make the most if it, get lost among people and have fun, just like I always do when I go there!!!
One suggestions, there is a bar next door to the first souvenir store, also close to the elevators...THEY DO HAVE THE BEST NATURAL JUICES in all over Rio!!! And the snacks are to die for!!!! Specially if you order RISOLE DE CARNE - It is a delicious pastry made with grown meat (beef)
We were heading west, it is one region of Rio that I always take my people because no tours go theren, and of course I do have my secrets and one of them is Joa Beach in the gated community called JOATINGA...It is one of the most beautiful hidden treasures in the city of Rio. I like taking you there for you to realize that Rio is not only Copacabana or Ipanema. Rio has more paradise beaches that you can ever imagine! It is a quick stop for you to relax and take amazing pictures!
And of course....... MARAPENDI : )))))))
My tours are not so complete if we do not stop to see the marvelous wetlands of Marapendi, it is a neighborhood where people can live in quietness and all surrounded by Nature, animals and a lot of greens, and much more important, NO MOSQUITOS!!!! : )))))) It is also a big opportunity for you to experience a place in Rio where simply no tourists go, so you will really understand that Rio is absolutely charming and fascinating!
The 3 MOSQUETEERS OF MALTA, my wonderful friends JP, Paul PINGA and LEON....If you are from Malta, you can be sure that John Paul will be the person in charge to take you to Brazil and find out the best secrets of such a spectacular country!!! And I will be here in Rio to welcome all of you!!!
John Paul is the leader and the owner of a Travel Agency ( specialized in adventure tours all around the World, so places like Slovenia, Egypt, Africa, Peru and Brazil are familiar destination to him and he trust his clients to me when they come to Rio and every meeting is a huge party!!!
Also, if you are in Europe, specially in the UK...simply do not hesitate talking with JP to be part of the next crew!!!! They organize trips to Brazil every year. It is a sort of YOUJUSTLIVEONCE PILGRIMAGE TO RIO DE JANEIRO!!!!!
Pinga and Leon are old friends of Rio and every chance they have to join the group, they never waste it!!!
A trip with these 3 incredible blokes are the guarantee of loooooooooong and endless laughs!!!!
Well, during the World Cup you can really notice how BRAZILIANS we are...and the happiness is so big that NON BRAZILIANS BECOME "BRAZILIANS" as well, it is always a pleasure carrying this flag everywhere and put Brazil deep inside of your heart!!! This is exactly what Jonathan felt when I took this picture!!!
He will have a lot of pictures to be framed in his restaurant in Malta, Jonathan has a very respected CUISINE CHEF reputation in the South of Europe!
Sunset in the wetlands are also something gorgeous to be seen, after a funny ride in the waters spotting birds and little caymans, we are awarded by such a magnificent SHOW OF THE NATURE!
Marapendi is one of the unique places in Rio de Janeiro, do not miss any opportunity to visit this paradise when you come to Rio!!!!

The idea was taking my Maltese Friends to see the sunset from the pier in the beach of Barra da Tijuca, they were really glad to see such a beautiful part of our ocean coast and they could also see how locals do with the street animals. This corner is specially packed with Cats, and if you are a cat person like me, you will be simply amazed, and the cats there are simply beautiful!!!
This lady feeds the cats every afternoon and they are also very smart..they live ina pier where lots of people go food is plenty and they are really in wonderful shape!
I could not resist, and I missed the sunset...I'd rather pay attention in the cats....
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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