Monday, March 1, 2010


This is a very rare moment...when I have a day off which is not really a day off, it is a afternoon off...But I like going out with my friends to eat some pizza in the wetlands!!! YES, IN THE MAIN ISLAND CALLED GIGOIA THERE IS A WONDERFUL PASTA RESTAURANT OWNED BY AN ITALIAN BLOKE WHICH IS THE BEST PAST PLACE IN RIO DE JANEIRO IN MY OPINION.

Anyway....rare moment because I was caught using my glasses something which I really do not like and second I was caught in a very LOVE MOMENT with my birds!!!

I met a wonderful australian kakatua in the BIRDS pet shop at Barra Point, I have some friends there and I always visit them to see what's new.

That new friend simply costs 12 monthly payments of my car!!!!

But she was soooooo sweet and it was hard to put her back to the cage...she was really asking me to take her home!!!

My pocket and my time does not allow...but who knows...since I understand the rhythm of Rio de Janeiro, I realized that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE HERE!

Rafael Torres Lopes

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