Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It is absolutely fantastic and amazing the african influence in our culture. Thanks for that our food ios very rich, it is a mix of various cultures that turns the brazilian food one of the most interesting gastronomy in the World. But I am not here to talk about food today!!!

But the afro presence can also be expressed in our paintings...Some of the paintings shows aspects of native tribes in Africa and some others simply show what they call "black beauty".

Brazil, no doubt, is very proud about our african heritage. Our history with Africa comes from the very early years of our portuguese Colonization and Africa took a great part of what we are know...are free and united country!

It is art that I want to give you some ideas...many guests that I have always ask where they can buy good local art. I am also interested in unknown artists and one of the places where you can see and buy incredible work from our brazilian art is in the Fort of Copacabana. There are always some temporary exibihitions (is that the right spelling???) with incredible paintings.

We had famous painters like Portinari, Di Cavalcanti, Tarsila do Amaral, very popular people with spectacular work, but we also have endless beautiful work of art made by people that we have never hear.

I am always interested by local art, specially from every region of Brazil, our amazon is simply incredible; and also haitian art and asian art. I am not a collector, but humbly speaking I am a good observer and I am happy to share with you what I found in my short brazilian travels!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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