Monday, March 15, 2010


Prainha is one of the most beautiful beach in Rio de Janeiro, no, it is not Copacabana or Ipanema, which we like alot. Later I will tell you more about it...
I was there today with my adorable Hong Kong Family (and canadian too) w hen we decide to relax for some minutes after an intense tour to Santa Tereza, the Christ, the great shower of Paineiras, the Castinha, amazing waterfall; then we had lunch at Tourão; after such a glorious meal with full of juicy stakes we drove all over the Coast from Barra to Grumari.

So I met these wonderful couple...two cute seagulls!
Picture number one...the seagull (in portuguese we say GAIVOTA) alone
Picture number two...the seagull finds a couple...
Picture number three... nothing happens she got bored and ran away...
Seagulls and Frigate Birds are very common in our coast!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour guide and Travel Planner

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