Friday, February 5, 2010


Beautiful people - our future - help them!
Rafa talking about brazilian social policies

Very exciting cumbia in Caracas

I have always been concerned about the well being of my people, I always try to help other people and I kep part of my life thinking about what I can do; then I started writing suggestions to our Goverment, specially in the social policies in the north of my country where I know they belong to the poorest side of Brazil. It is not easy life there, the locals have no school, not even a decent place to live. Since I became not only a tour guide in my city, here in Rio, I start to promote all over Brazil in my tours, and my heart is not only brazilian, I see my Continent as my sacred and dear land. My soul is very brazilian but my heart is Latin American, above all.
I realize that South America deserves all my attention, that is why I worked a lot to include Uruguay, Argentina and Venezuela in my tours because I trully believe in their potential.
Venezuela is the natural continuation of our endless Amazon Forest as well as Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Suriname and the Guianas.
And thanks to my social studies in Amazon Affairs, I was invited by my federal government to be a member of the Brazilian Delegation in a World's Event in Caracas, the so called World PIECE Conferation, so ironic to realized that the event took place in the so explosive venezuelan capital where CHAVEZ "thinks" he is the king!!!
But I could see closerly that at least the so called SOCIAL MISSIONS work and I was invited to tell them our successful social experiences in the north east feeding locals and providing schooling to many unreachable poor communities; and my idea to convince potential guests who are able to help our locals to build schools for the distant amazon communities, giving them even computers so they can have access to the internet, and I could see that in many poor communities of Caracas they have access to school, health care and they have a local market where they can buy food for very low price.

It was a wonderful afternoon where I could exchange lots of ideas and with the help of my fellow brazilians we brought a lot of food and toys for the children, in turn they showed us their local cumbia group.
It is a pety that at the same time Chavez is killing one of the people's most precious treasure: FREEDOM
That happened last year...

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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