Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My friends (and guests), my wonderful friends Barbara and Gordon came to Rio after an impressive journey in South America. Rio was part of the expedition and they chose me. That was a challenge because it is not easy to please well travelled people; it is not easy to surprise people who traveled to many different countries on Earth and I was responsable to show them a very small piece of this World...A part of my State, Rio de Janeiro that includes the capital itself, Niteroi, Buzios, Ilha Grande, Cunha, Paraty and Vassouras; and a part of São Paulo State that includes Santos and Guarujá....

We built delicious stories, we had the most non sense laughs, we had moments of deep discovery, we had miles and miles of roads; they got to know my land inland and offshore.
I can say that I met a wonderful couple that dedicates their lives simply to take care of each other. I can easily tell you that they came to Rio but they colonized my heart because I came across with such marvelous people and I found a wonderful family in Georgia. I can say that I tought a lot of BRASILIDADE (let's say "brasility") but I learnt alot about life, new values and love with no barrier.
Barbara with the heart as large as the Amazon River and the brain as quick as a arizonan road runner!!! Gordon with his endless wisdon (I am serious, if you dare to count how many great neurons he has in his brains, you will have to count each sand of Sonora Desert), great loyalty that he would easily beat an AKITA. Getting to know these two people, I can tell you that I went to Harvard and been graduated in 10 DAYS!!! : ))))

When you have the blood of andaluzians (south of Spain) you tend to exaggerate but certainly 100% of my words are really true, and if I need to think how incredible our tours was, I would think that these tours were for sure one of the very best of my whole career!!!

It was really a honor to welcome you in my so adored country and it will be more than a honor to make my Brazil your home outside Atlanta!!!
Thank you for being so special to me, so special to Marcone, so special to Marcone's mother and so special to my mother!!!
With trully love,
Rafael Torres Lopes and Marcone Lima

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