Sunday, February 7, 2010


It is always wonderful to know that we really have spectacular friends...Vanessa is my great Embassadod this is in Montreal, she came to Rio recommended by one of my canadian guests, and this is now her second visit in Rio, there will be way more. she is a great expert about Brazil and I am soooo pleased to help anytime she needs.

To my surprise, she wrote the following review at Trip Advisor that I am rewriting for you to read:
Rafa in Rio - best tour guide ever! I had a wonderful experience with him too, and I'm posting my review here:

If you're looking for a personalized, unique and adventure-filled experience in Rio de Janeiro, Rafa is the guide for you! Unlike many other tours that have set agendas or rigid schedules, Rafa will make sure you get to see everything you want to see on a timeline that suits you, and he'll also take you to amazing places you didn't even know you wanted to see until you're there ...

Of course you want to visit Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado or go on an exciting cable car ride and take in the breathtaking views up Sugarloaf Mountain, and Rafa will certainly bring you there in style; but make sure to be flexible and give yourself at least one free day open to new surprises ... he may take you to a quiet fishing village outside the charming city of Niteroi across the bay from and seemingly another world away from Rio, or even to a sanctuary of natural wonder inside the city itself, at Tijuca National Park ... or perhaps he will bring you to Carioca da Gema, the world's hippest samba club in the heart of Lapa, the historic Bohemian nightlife neighbourhood; and if that's still not enough booty-shaking on a Saturday night for you, Rafa can even be convinced to take you all the way out to groove to the heavy beats and joyous songs of the Viradouro samba school into the wee hours of the morning ...

Rafa knows so much about Rio and about Brazil ... the history, geography, culture, the people ... and he is such a joyful and vibrant character, you will enjoy his company every bit as much as the sights and events he brings you to. Check out his blog and get in touch with him right away!!
IMPORTANT - We have a video that we made in the very Rio's unusual beach, is posted on youtube:
Rafael Torres Lopes

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