Sunday, February 7, 2010


Simple life in a fishing village in Niteroi - Ponta da Areia - Little Portugal

In our tours we come across with unique landscapes - West Side of Rio - Barra

That was the meeting of 3 Sunils in Rio de Janeiro by the Sugar Loaf Mountain

Niteroi is a place that should never be forgotten, maybe one of the best secret of any trip to Rio, here I had the great happiness to introduce the city I was raised to my "carioca" friend Sunil

I think I said so many times that I am crazy about my work!!!! Well not everybody in the world has the chance to have all Rio de Janeiro as an office. I do have!!!
It is a real pleasure for me to show the secrets of Rio to all people who request my guiding services which now I am even more stronger because I count with the priceless help of other incredible and best guides ever. Now when I am busy with my tours I know my other guests will be in very good hands with Marcone, Diana, Cedric, Carlos, Olivia and Marcelo.
But the best prize in the World for me is when I see my guests' eyes full of joy and happiness when they experience the soul of Rio, when they realize that Rio is way much more than they can expect. And I do focus on it, provinding some unique and very genuine!!!
And as result you get wonderful friends and you start to graduate REAL CARIOCAS. Yes, now I am giving to you "CARIOCASHIP"
One of my newest CARIOCA lives in Toronto and he spend 4 great days in Rio and I was the one who taught the way to Paradise!!!! He knew all over the city like very few could explore, I gave to my wonderful friend Sunil very detailed tours that he can write a travel book now. He had his great experiences in a period very close to Carnaval.
I want to let everyone know that I am honored to have such a fantastic friend like Sunil!!!
Thanks alot Sunil for your generosity, your curiosity and your brilliant researching skills. Brazil needs people like you and humbling speaking, I made you see that Rio is more than a destination for you, Rio is also your home and here you are forever you are forever welcome!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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