Friday, February 12, 2010


A little sleepy in the morning but happy to be in the wilderness!

Endless flowers - better to see the flowers in the Spring

The cute quatis - quite rare to find!

The friends that never desappoint me

They also deserve my attention - they are pretty and big!

Something which is always present in my tours is the nature!!! And we go everywhere in Rio and we come across with some gorgeous forest. You know that Rio is blessed by the Atlantic Forest and it is all surrounded by mountains. So if you are a nature lover, believe me, I know the secrets.

If you are a nature lover, you can be sure that wilderness will be very present in our tours...Rio gives you incredible photo opportunities of our flowers, our animals, different trees and gorgeous views of our endless green mountains. We can see our virgin beaches in the West part of the city, we can explore our forests and come across with gorgeous waterfalls in the middle of the city, literally this is where you find our forest.

Not only Tijuca Forest, but you can find wild life even in a simple visit to the Sugar Loaf, also in the ocean beaches of Niteroi, our Botanical Gardens and the distant beaches of Grumari.

I am very into photography and I love ta,ing pictures of animals, specially birds... A chance to come across with a toucan is not impossible, as well as a cayman. Rio is full of surprises and I am here to maske it easier for you.

All the time you need I will be there and also my great tour guides!!! For the moment, we are a team of five!!!

I have a lot of hidden places that you can see when you come to Rio de Janeiro, just drop me a line at

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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