Wednesday, January 27, 2010


In my rare free time I usually go to Leblon to visit my favorite book shop, actually it is a meeting point for people seeking for knowledge and culture. There you can find an endless selection of new stuff like books, magazines and you always come across with something interesting happening in this neighborhood where most of the artist and brazilian midia live. Marcone and I decided to bring Vanessa to the place we always go. The book shop's name is LETRAS & EXPRESSOES, which is located right in the beggining of Ataufo de Paiva Avenue, 1292.

This is the square that all the middle class in Rio usually meet!!! It is a casual ambience where we all love to go out in our hot summer nights, but every night is a great chance to be at Leblon. Beautiful people, fine food, drinks and for sure lots of fun!!!

Which book shop in the World where you can come across with a nice and very educated dog???? : ))))))

We had loads of fun and I am happy to share with you one more place where locals have fun! and this is of course I I love buying my books!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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