Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Some of my friends tell me that I should keep my blog in a very prJustificarofessional way. I agree that some people would rather have more technical information, or even they would love to see all the tours I offered here; but I do prefer to have my blog as a space where I can express my thoughts, a place where I can also put a lot of information, not only about my tours, but also about the daily life of my city and country, a blog where people could also get to know about me and above all a place where I can share the way I see things. A blog is not really meant to be very serious, and this is the space I have where I can be MYSELF. Well, when you come to Rio and you will be part of my tours, I think it is very important for you to know everything about me!!!

Okay, just to show you that my life needs a day of more than 24 HOURS!!!!

This day I had to take my wonderful friend and glorious guests from Canada, Sunil (later I will write about him because he deserves a WHOLE POSTING), to the airport. He has to be at our airport about 7:00 pm, and during the day I was touring with some friends from Australia AND I WAS AT THE BEACH, in the far ends of Rio, in my gorgeous beach of Grumari. I just had time to drive back to Copacabana, pick him up in his hotel and take my way to the airport. Thanks God, I had my t-shirt in the car, even though I guess I caused SENSATION in the airport embarkment...HAHAHAHHAAHHAA : ))))

I have never seen anyone in swimming trunks in an airport before!!! I am glad that I was the first one!!!


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