Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Literally, "piscinão" means HUGE POOL...and it is really huge....the idea is to create a big recreation area for people who cannot reach long distances to go the the Beach, the idea was also finding a way to provide real fun for our people...
RAMOS is a real beach, but it is in the back of our Bay, the pollution there is absolutely high and it is impossible for anyone to use it....
So sand for many beaches of Rio was brought and a very sophisticated cleaning system was create to use the Bay Water and fill that big piece of land with water in good conditions for people to swim.
In many places in the suburbs of Rio you can find these PISCINÃO....All of them in located in very poor communities like places I am sure you never heard such as Guadalupe, Santa Cruz and even in another city, there is another famous piscinão in São Gonçalo.

But Piscinão de Ramos is more popular among people and every now and then big musical concerts are organized there.
So many different people and different things to do there, it is also a great opportunity for you to experience STREET FOOD which in Rio is absolutely delicious!!!
If you really want to go deep in our culture, a visit to PISCINÃO de Ramos will help for you to find out that Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful place.
I took some pictures showing fascinating scenes that I could catch during our day in Ramos.
Rafael Torres Lopes

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