Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I hope my so dear american friends don't get jealous, you can be sure that I love you all and I am always very grateful for all love, friendship and confidence that I always receive from the States, but the danish presence in my tours is growing bigger and I am honored to make so many incredible friends from Denmark, another country that I admire and another country that I am very interested!!!

DK gave me a fantastic friend, Jakob that also works here provinding so many ioncredible trips to all our visitors. And after the prestige to show Rio to Jakob's parent, Anita and Bent, he also recommended my tours to a very good friend, Dorthe and she wanted to make the visit of her parents special, so Hanne and Henning joined the group.

Dorthe lives in Rio and her parents came to Brazil to see her and visit many cool places in the country.
And I was in charge to show some secrets and little surprises of Rio....
As usual I focus our tour on lots of nature, so we saw the Forest, we went to our tiny ands charmous beach of Joá ( I love Copacabana, but nothing is better than a privacy of a wild beach, so Joa is a blast!), we went to the wetlands of Marapendi and we spent the rest of the afternoon in my beloved city, NITEROI.
We stopped in the Contemporary Museum which is not interesting inside, but outside you can see incredible views and you can take fantastic pictures; then we had lunch at A MINEIRA, a very exclusive brazilian typical food, all you can eat and you can have the best experience in our gastronomy in this local place. Then we went to PARQUE DA CIDADE, the famous view point to see the city of Niteroi and the skyline of Rio; and for a golden end, we went to the fishing village of Jurujuba where we interact with the locals, and they told us delicious fishermen's stories, we met Carlos and we played with the children. After that we went to the beaches of Adan and Eve close to the old fort of Santa Cruz constructed in 1565, one of the first construction in the Colonial Rio!!!

We had a tour full of culture and laughs. Dorthe is such a clever girl and in the future she will work with me providing even more quality in our tours, her knowledge about World's Fact and her view about Brazil is absolutely interesting; Hanne and Henning were so happy to see real things and dealing with genuine people.

Please have a look and tell me what you think, right???

And to see more of this visit in the fishing village, we also have two more videos:
They are amazing and again I am making more and more fabulous friends from Denmark!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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