Monday, October 26, 2009


Just as usual, I had a guest, and I ended up with a great friend!!!! :)))))) Mr. Brayboy!!! :) Terry for good friends!!!! Talking about friend, Terry is a friend of Brazil. He comes here very often and now he has Rio as his main destination in Brazil.

We had a tour yesterday, sunday afternoon, october 25th...
More than a tour we had such a great day, Marcone came with us, so Terry had TWO GUIDES...and we had a challenge:
Showing him in a half day what he could have seen in two days!!!!! Good, we love changes, and as you all know, Marcone is also one of the best tour guides that I have...

We met him in a apartment Terry rented in Copacabana and we took him to Niteroi.
Very few people know that Niteroi is one of the most hidden surprises in any tour to Rio, I was born and raised there, and humbling speaking I know the city as the palm of my hand, and I know exactly what people expect to see, places where locals love having fun, wild beaches and many view points that offers a very unique view of Rio from the opposite side of the Bay, the Guanabara Bay.
Not only we explored all over the Bay Side, visiting the CONTEMPORARY MUSEUM, the so famous "spaceship" (I am sorry OSCAR, but it is an UFO!!!!), we drove along the bay passing in Icarai beach, entering in Froes Road to finally reach the inlet of São Francisco; we decided to reach the famous viewpoint of Parque da Cidade, the weather was not likely to have a cool sunset, then we decided to show our friend Terry the oceanside of Niteroi which normally demands one more different full day.

Then we drove to the ocean beaches of Piratininga, and we stopped in Camboinhas Beach to see the GUARANI indian tribe by the Canal de Itaipu and we finished our day DANCING IN THE RAIN AT ITACOATIARA BEACH!!!!

In a half day (which was a full day indeed) we did both sides, the Bay and the Ocean, we had lots of laughs giving Terry two more arms, and we danced with our umbrellas on the impressive rock of Itacoatiara, we also showed how lovely Rio can be seen from the other side of the Bay!!!!

Marcone and I we have lots of passion for our activity, and when we work with our guests, we give them our souls!!!!
That is why Rio is so dear for real travellers who always write to me requesting for more tours and tours!!!!
That is why we enormously thank Terry, from the lovely mountainous state of North Carolina for such a precious confidence and friendship and we are very sure that he will always be back!!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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