Monday, October 19, 2009


It seems that swallowing the Sugar Loaf is a sort of fashion among my guests, eh????
But they really swallowed the HEART AND THE MAGIC OF RIO, and now the city is in their heart!!! : )))))) More danish guests, but these ones are REALLY SPECIAL...I mean, absolutely special people...if you read about my brother Jakob in my blog, then you have the main clue....THEY ARE THE PARENTS OF MY BIG BROTHER AND GREAT FRIEND JAKOB!!!!
Yes...I had the honor to show Rio to my friends Anita and Bent, and I did my best to show every little corner of this city, and they went to so many unique places that no tourists go!!!
We saw the forest, the natural springs of Paineiras, we went to the tiny little beach of Joá and we saw the oldest monastery of our State, São Bento with its incredible barroc architecture, and of course we ended our day in the so hidden city of Niteroi!!!! We also went to the Christ!!!!
To see more about them, you can go to you tube and watch this following video:
There you can see a very kind message from parents to their son in Rio, in danish of course!!!! :)
I am sure they will come back, right now they are experience the countryside of Brazil, maybe somewhere in Iguazu Falls!!!!
But they know that they are my danish family, people I will always admire and I am very grateful and honored that they had the chance to experience my tour that I full dedicate myself to show to my people what Rio de Janeiro really looks like!!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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