Sunday, October 18, 2009


It is always very special when I think about my great friend Jakob because words are not enough to explain how incredible and how amazing this person is. I am very proud that he is always present in the best moments of my life, he is a friend that I can always rely on and now he is more independent in Rio. Jakob is a DANIOCA (a mix of danish and carioca)!!!
Life in Rio is so busy and crazy that now he is living in the West Part of the city, but we used to share the same roof in the very beggining of his brazilian life and we had such a fantastic time, full of loud laughs, full of friendship and full of adventures.
He was born in a country (DK) that I really admire and he is from a region where I have lots of friends, Scandinavia and I have been very lucky to get incredible guests from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
Now Jakob is making HISTORY in Brazil, he is part of an important danish travel agency acting in Brazil which I have made some excelent work with them, he is renting an apartment on his own in a very nice (but faraway) neighborhood of Rio...He is Ronaldo's neighbor, hahahahaha, he lives in Barra (though I am sure he misses COPACABANA) and believe it or not....JAKOB HAS A CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOSSIP MOMENT: I remember in one of our serious convesation Jakob saying to me..."when you have a cat, let me know and then I will leave this house" hahahahhahahaha :))))))))
Anyway, I am sure this cat will be very well treated in VIKING STYLE!!! : )))))))
Anyway, this posting goes to most wonrdeful person in the VERY NORTH OF EUROPE!!!! I dedicate not only this post, but this day to my brother and very best friend, Jakob who very recently trusted me the honor to take HIS PARENTS, Anita and Bent, to see the best secrets and the gorgeous unique spots of my homeland.
More adventures will come for sure!!!!
Jakob belongs to my best life's moment...In Niteroi, with my work and also with everyone I deal with in Rio de Janeiro. He is also a great friend of Marcone and We all adore him!!!!
He is a good son, a good friend and a wonderful person!!!!
Thanks brother for so many happiness that you give us!!!
And for the record: NOW HE IS A REAL EXPERT ABOUT RIO.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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