Monday, September 21, 2009


In Rio you can really experience the same places where your ancestors did years and years ago, and I am talking about nearly 130 years ago. A Walk to the City Center will show you lots of history and take you to a time where Rio was even more glamourous...You will see a lot of erupean influence in our past and some places you can still have the same coffee, the same pastries, the same delicious and unique food!!!

CONFEITARIA COLOMBO IS STILL THERE, ELLEGANT AND CHARMING... A fantastic place for a pleasant coffee in the end of the afternoon and a cool opportunities for you to taste one of the best SALGADINHOS in town!!!!

This paradise very close to the finantial center is part of my walking tour. I love to help my people to discover some nice hidden gems of Rio de Janeiro, and I love it!!!!


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