Monday, September 21, 2009


This time it was serious...after a whole year of hard work a group of 1000 spanish workers had some days off in Brazil...YES RIO IS A FAMOUS DESTINATION FOR MANY MANY INCENTIVE GROUPS. They work for the spanish insurence company MAPFRE.
And I took care in person of about 40 people!!!!
They are from different places of Spain and when some spanish groups come to Rio, specially for official events in Rio de Janeiro, I am invited; specially because they know that my spanish is ver fluent and I am the official tour guide for the Spanish Embassy in Rio de Janeiro, thanks to that when the schoolship of their navy comes, DONRAFA is the one who will give them all the assistance.
They came not a long while ago, and a real samba party was prepared for them, I made lots of dear friends.
I just decided to share with you a very important moment in my career.
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Trip Planner

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Vanessa said...

Mangueira!! I'd recognize that green & pink anywhere!

Estou com muita saudade do Rio ...