Monday, September 21, 2009


I remember that I posted these lovely pictures a long time ago and I could not finish writing here. I am is so busy here that I do not have theright to find some minutes to update this blog that not only tells you about my work, but it tells you about my life. It is a great pleasure to share so many funny moments in this city that you are going to explore!

Rio has this informal vibe, and part of the vibe is enjoying the city just like Marcone and I do...When we have time we choose a place in the city to relax and have fun and of course, taking a lot of pictures!

This time we decide to go to a park not so far from the Botanical Garden, we went to Parque Lage, a very nice green space which is part of the Tijuca National Forest, there we can walk in the trails, we can see one more property that used to belong to a very rich family in Brazil, the GUINLE family who were very powerful coffe farmers in a glorious period of our history!!!

Thank you for reading and thank you for your interest of experience our tours!!!

Now I am not alone, I also have wonderful guides to help me to make Rio a lot easier and way more local for your first experience in Rio!

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