Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am a real bird fan and I travel alot the country looking for places where I can see and learn more about their habitats, and when I go to the Amazon or even in the Forest of my own State I come across with very interesting species and I do admire to meet artists who can create elements of our nature using the best PHOTO CAMERA we have: OUR OWN EYES!!!!
And of course I follow with great interest the work of a local painter from the State of Goiás, Graça Estrela is her name, she is from the very countryside of Goias State, from a very tiny village called IPAMERI. She also loves travelling the countryside, magical places like CHAPADA DOS GUIMARES in Mato Grosso and in her own land too, aroiund the forests which follows the course of Araguaia River.
So Graça paints MACAWS, Parrots and my dear Ararajubas....
She helps to run a preservation programme in the jungle called PROJETO CANINDÉ, that is the name given to the blue macaw, by the way. This project can be found at Fazenda Cachoeira das Moitas, which is a real paradise for nature lovers and people who are really interested to travel in Brazil and find out the most genuine places and local places where the NATURE rulezzzzz!!!!
I have so many guests that are interested to bring beautiful paintings from local artists, and I really believe that Graça Estrela deserves a chance to be known in the World and she is one of the people that I know who really loves Brazil and she will be very happy to have their work in your homes!!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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