Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is finally the BIRD SYMBOL OF BRAZIL...

The States have the magnificent BALD EAGLE, and we have a very charming parrot...They belong to the same group of Araras and many other famous parrots in South America.

The children usually call them ARARAJUBINHA, and the bird is also symbol of our powerful oil company PETROBRAS.

We can find them in the high mountains of Rio and also in the middle of the country, in the State of Goias, another fantastic state if you are into WILD ADVENTURE TOURS.

Well, I have th blood of spanish conquerors, so visiting forests and exploring the wilderness is one of my hobbies, so every now and then I will be writing some cool info about our Nature.

AND BRAZIL IS A REAL PLAYGROUNDM FOR NATURE LOVERS...No wonder that best research programme about Amazon were made by Jacques Costeau.

Rafael Torres Lopes
The Nature Observer

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