Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Not always I am available for my great guests who read about me, the people who find my blog and really want to know more about Rio under my total and passionate care!!!! Many people write to me in advance and I must apologyze for not writing back so quickly due to my tours that I am all around the city showing the REAL STUFF, a Rio without very obvious touristy places. So I decide to have other tour guides who has the same passion as me, people who really love the country and people who treat my guests with the same quality and same enthusiasm.
Cedric, he is one of my best friends and we know each other for years, and he is also a very experienced tour guide, he knows some secrets of Rio, not as many secrets that I do, but he can make Rio very personal and very enjoyable.
Just like me he is very well travelled, as you can see in the photos he has a very deep love for Italy and Bahia!!!:) He is one of the fewest people that I trust my guests, my precious people who write directly to me asking for tours in the city and in th country!!!!
Cedric can do it!!!! And if once I recommend his services you can be sure that he is very prepared, his english is very good, and he also speaks german, italian, spanish and french!!! YES, MY TOUR GUIDE IS VERY INTERNATIONAL!!!!
We have made many tours together and people never complain!!!!
His car is very comfortable and absolutely perfect to explore Rio with style!

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