Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Nothing that I wrote about Marapendi Wetlands would be possible without the help of this simple man!!! NOTHING!!!! I would never be able to show you this very specific fantastic corner where we still could see real wild life so close to a big city like Rio. In a city where you cannot see THE GIRL FROM IPANEMA ANYMORE because she is already retired you can still see the same animals that the portuguese navigators saw when they set foot on this land for the very first time!!!!
Without the help and wisdon of this man...I would never have found such a wonderful place like CANAIS DE MARAPENDI.
He knows every corner and I learnt alot about this region too thanks to this man!!!
This man needs his boat for his living, he takes and bring people to the island and from the main land, every day, from sunday to sunday, until he met me some years ago when I asked him to take me to see all over the region, of course I paid him what he would earn in one day.
He has a chalana, typical boat from this region that goes everywhere...From your house you can take a boat and go to the mainland, and that is 24 hours service!!!
This man has a name...his name is Laerte, and this man became my friend, and he helps me to make Rio de Janeiro even more interesting and fantastic to my guests. Laerte has a wonderful family, with Filomena, he helps to bring up their two kids; he lives in a veru cute and simple house full of fruit trees (mangoes, jackoes, orange, avocatos and coconut palm trees) do I know that???
Well, when my guests need a bathroom and they do not know where to go, larte kindly offer his house and just a visit to his house is a class of nature preservation and a class of a daily life experience in Brazil.
Laerte is the person who makes my work even better!!! He is the whole responsable with the success of my tours in the wetlands of Rio that very few people go!!!
Well, he always tells me that I am the only one who bring people from other countries to see their fascinating slow and absolutely marvelous pace of life!!!!
So Laerte, this article is in your honor, may God allow you to show this piece of paradise in our paradise city called Rio de Janeiro!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes

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