Thursday, June 18, 2009


I am sure Maria got to their lives to put some AZUCAR taste to this already "sweet" family from McAllen,Texas - USA. A little southern town in the Great River Valley, famous for the Quinta Mazatlan, but also a very close stop point to many birding parks in South Padre Island, fantastic variety of birds in that coastal area.

So they came to Rio, Maria, her husband Jason and Jason's parents, my sweet friend Priscilla and the King and Almighty friend Will, they stayed at Marta's place, such a magnificent guests house on the beach of Copacabana, you can see more of her website at - And I was in charge to show all of Rio in just one single day, and we did it, and I also made them "glyde" in the skies of Niteroi.
We started our day heading the Forest of Tijuca with a quick stop in my PLAN B...the Mirante Dona Marta where you can see the Christ Mountain and all over Rio but with no crowd, very few people know about this place but it is one of the options that you have to see the whole city and the access there is free, after that we finally reached the Christ, our famous and most important attraction, we had a ball there!!! but we headed to the Forest until the waterfall of Cascatinha but before that we had a baptism, Jason was baptized as Jason Brasileiro, hahahaha :) They have the pictures! When we finally reached the Falls they realized that Rio was much more than expected, but we had to continue because we had to see more of the city, and I took the to the gated community of Joa where the Atlantic Ocean with all its fury make a real surfing festival for the locals. We completed our visit to Rio and then we cross the Bay and visited Niteroi.

In Niteroi, we did the classical tour of MAC, our Modern Art Museum. From this point you have very unique vistas of our Bayside, we can clearly see the island of Boa Viagem and the beach of Icaraí, them we had lunch in a very brazilian resturant with yummy food, A MINEIRA, and as a grand finale...
WE WENT TO PARQUE DA CIDADE, a privileged viewpoint that is a real highlight to any trip to Rio, and from there, thanks to my friends and paraglyding instructors, Jason and Maria jumped.
We had a perfect day and for sure they will come back for more! I had 4 interesting guests and I ended up with marvelous 4 Great friends!!!!
I am sure that everywhere they go and everyone they meet that will recommend Rio as a great destination to discover!!!!
Thank you my friends for a wonderful day!!!

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