Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Great tours are planned at home, Diana, an excellent tour guide came to our house to discuss about new spot to be exploited and we talked about new plans for the next high season!!!
The last one was a great success and we want more!!!
Now that many guests trust in my tours and also the tour guides I work with, we have to be organized and also do our best to make Rio de Janeiro and also all over Brazil more than a travel destination, we want to make BRAZIL your HOUSE outside of your country!!!
Marcone and I are working together and we have at our disposal fantastic names that can take you to a Rio that no one knows..Unique places, local villages, wildlife. All this with a very informal treatment.
So we invited Diana for a little meal in our apartment and we had such a wonderful wine which I do recommend, EMILIANA, from our southern vineyards. By the way, Brazilian Wine can be a very good surprise if you are a winer lover...
Anyway...the news are that you will have even more quality in the next tour...we caount with comfortable cars and great experienced guides with very good english like Marcone, Diana, Cedric and Manu!!!
ALSO, GREAT PROFESSIONAL IN THE TOURISM BUSINESS ARE WORKING WITH US!!! Now I can help you to find suitable accomodation for all budget for my future guests, very soon I will give you complete details!!!!
You will be able to make reservations via my blog!!!! :)))))))))) And the big variety of tours will increase even more, only tours with wonderful things to offer!!!!
So, you see, a simple home meeting to decide the best for you when you come to Rio de Janeiro

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