Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Rio becomes even more special when you really know how to explore it, when you find out places where just locals know about, Rio is even more exciting when you see places where no tourists go. When you really come across with real life in the place you are visiting, then you can really understand and feel the real vibe of the place!

Feed your curiosity and just participate in a trip where Rio is closer to people who live there!

I always focus on places where you can feel unique! My tours are oriented for people hungry for adventures and for people who really want to know deeply what Rio really likes!!!

One o my favorite places is MARAPENDI, it is a wetland region full of bird life and lush green forests. It is a complex of lagoons where you can understand some mangrove regions of Rio.

We go through green corridors where we find about 5 islands, it is a privileged community all surrounded by stunning nature and lots of bird life! It will be the opportunity to see the ROYAL GREEN HERUN, THE PINK BILLSPOON BIRD THAT MIGRATE EVERY SUMMER FROM FLORIDA DO RIO DE JANEIRO.

You will be in touch with the locals, starting the boatman Laerte that knows all the way in the ways in the lagoon alleys where every curve gives you a magnificent view of the mountains and jungle in Marapendi. And if you need to go to a toilet, just let him know and Laerte will take you to his own house and then you can use his family rest room. It is not only a helping hand he gives, it is also a very rare opportunity for you to see a house of a local who is really worried to preserve the environment, his house is a small BOTANIC GARDEN!!!

TO GET THERE, you must head the west part of Rio, it is for sure part of my full days when I take my guests to see the Christ, the Forest and the beaches of Barra da Tijuca, Recreio and Prainha. Once you reach the canal, you will have to pay 40 reais for two people, 60 reais for 4 people, 80 reais for six people. So his price depends on how much people I take in my tour.

When you write to me, for sure I include MARAPENDI WETLAND IN MY TOURS!

Actually it is one of my favorite escapes when I am free, I usually go there to get to know even more about my local fauna, I go there with my friends and family just to hve a great time!

And of course it is the chance I have to show you part of my photography, I do love taking pictures of magical places in Rio and these pictures is part of my personal collection.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Tour Planner

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