Sunday, April 26, 2009


Great moments, we had many!!! Lots of laughs, we had many because my friends Simha, Zipi, Hillel and Rita are the kings of gladness in all over Israel, and they brought their joy to Brazil in order to make our work way better and richer!!!
So thank you!!!!
And now I just got those wonderful words from Simha and Zipi, members of a family of four that we have in Israel.
A country that always have given me great guests and cool people very curious to know what is unique in Brazil. And I humbly confess that me and Marcone give our hearts to provide the best of Rio de Janeiro and every place in Brazil a real home to all our visitors!!!
AND I AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOU ALL. Thanks to you I learnt more about life, I got way more experience in provinding happiness to people, which is the great pleasure of our profession!
Everywhere we went we left our mark...
In Lapa, even the Police gave us the best place to park...It is a sign of BIG RESPECT that our israeli family was present in our Carnaval!!!
In Niteroi, the city gave to my Israely family one of the most beautiful sunsets EVER!!!! And that place is called PARQUE DA CIDADE!!!
In a very popular market in the suburbs of Rio, in São Cristovão, where no tourist goes, we had the best of Brazilian Food, in the Feira do Nordeste!!!
I introduced the night in Rio and Marcone took them to see the wonders of Rio during the day!!!
All I can say is that, Simha, Zipi, Hillel and Rita are wonderful people!!! And we had the honor to welcome such magnificent folks!!!
Marcone and I are proud to be tour guides in Rio and show everyone what is real and unique, but much more than prouder, we are honored to make so many special friends!
Rafa and Marcone

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