Saturday, April 4, 2009


Few people know that Rio de Janeiro is the capital of a state also called Rio de Janeiro. Just like New York State and New York city...

YES I KNOW THAT NEW YORK CITY IS NOT THE CAPITAL, it is a lovely town upnorth called Albany!!!

But back to our subject...When you come to Rio, you always expect to see the famous Christ on Corcovado Hill, the Sugar Loaf, our Pão de Açucar, the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. And that's all...

I am here to make you fall in love with Rio showing you the hidden surprises of our land!!!

Many people do not know that Rio is divided in two: Bay Side and Ocean Side...

Bayside gives you INCREDIBLE SURPRISES, and one of the surprises is the city right at the other side, the city if Niteroi.

Niteroi will be the way you will understand the city of Rio, Niteroi will surprise you with endless beauties and fantastic daily life flavor in its beaches, neighborhoods, fishing villages and breathtaking view points.

I know that Niteroi is only famous for its modern museum, MAC. The famous "SPACESHIP", the archictect hates when he hear that...


Among the greatest surprises..the highlight, my fave place...the place where I know since I was a little kid...a place PARQUE DA CIDADE!!!

And you can be sure that once you come to Rio I will gladly take you there, because this place means alot to me and because you deserve to experience what is unique, what is best and what is most spectacular, because my task here is to make you an EXPERTISE in Rio!!!

ENJOY THE PICTURES!!!!! :)))))))

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