Sunday, April 5, 2009


It is an invasion of fun!!!! It is more than an invasion of absolutely huge enthusiasm and I am here honored to welcome such a fantastic couple. One soooooooo greedy that he decided to swallow our poor SUGAR LOAF, and one with such a generous smiles that the Christ will always have his opened arms for her, and my opened arms always ready to squeeze her..because she is the cuttiest human being of Chapel Hill!!!!

YES YES YES…JIM AND LISBETH are in Rio right now and I decided to make both real experts in everything about Rio de Janeiro and surroundings!!! And we did a lot since the very first day…OUR FIRST DAY WE EXPLORED THE UNKNOWN REGIONS OF THE WEST SIDE OF RIO….

So we went to a gated community that in North Carolina they call it “prison”, but here we call it “upper class condo” which is located in a sheltered ocean beach called JOA. Then I took such a ROYAL COUPLE to a place that seems a CAR CEMITERY but indeed it is a little deck where we wait for the boat bus to explore the curious and interesting wetland of Marapendi Channels; then we decided to follow the coast and we saw the wild beaches of Barra da Tijuca, Recreio, Prainha and Marapendi!!!

After that we decided to “play” TARZAN AND JANE in the woodlands of Tijuca, a huge forest in the middle of the busy city of Rio de Janeiro and that was the end of such a wonderful adventure in one entire day in Rio!!!

But they are demanding people they wanted more…so we had such a lovely half day in Niteroi, my so darling city where I was raised…I was not born there, I am a delicious tropical fruit from Rio de Janeiro…

Anyway, we drove to Niteroi, a city that I know as the palm of my hand…and I could show them the little secrets of a place that very few people have heard about. We saw the famous CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM, a project of our famous architect Oscar Niemeyer, the one who made our capital Brasilia, then we left this beautiful part of our Bay to explore the coast in São Francisco until reaching a very charming and absolutely local fishing village called Jurujuba, we had a great time there seeing all the boats and all the hungry birds after some fish left overs; they thought it was over…but noooo…I had to show the city mile by mile…so we went to our very old military fort SANTA CRUZ, right on the mouth of our Guanabara Bay, from there you can have incredible views of the Rio’s mountains, specially the Sugar Loaf which in Portuguese we call it as PÃO DE AÇUCAR. In our way back I decided to take my friends Jim and Elizabeth to my paragliding training school which is located on the top of a very well known hill called Viração in a city park simply called PARQUE DA CIDADE…

THIS IS MY POINT, THE PLACE WHERE YOU FINALLY UNDERSTAND THE FASCINATION OF RIO, a place where no tourists go, and you feel that you are visiting a very unique spot, rarely written in any travel book!!!

Talking about book…now LITTLE JIM AND MY QUEEN ELIZABETH can write real stories about our adventures here, and they have even more reasons to convince anyone that Rio is indeed one of the most interesting places in this planet!!!

Me, on the other hand, have to register that the time I welcomed LISBETH and JIM was such a great honor and it will be forever recorded in one of my best memory in this passionate work that I have!!!

Thank you, my fabulous friends for such a lovely time that I spent with you in my own land!!!!


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