Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well. this was supposed to be my posting about the ENGLISH INVASION PART TWO....And yes...we are having a huge english invasion in Rio de Janeiro right now...And I am happy because as I once posted here, I am deeply grateful for my guests from USA, UK, RUSSIA, AUSTRALIANS AND CANADIANS, they are the nationalities which mostly look for my services!!! NOT TO FORGET ABOUT THE MALTESE which also come to me in such a great number!!!!
But the english are coming more and more, and among this lovely brits...we had GLEN and MARION, and they came here right during CARNAVAL TIME when the whole city GO WILLLLLLLLLLLD!!!!!! :)
And they chose exactly two guides who are crazy about our CARNAVAL TIME and here we seriously live our traditions!!!! We decided to take them to enjoy the best of our STREET CARNAVAL, the street band that here we call BLOCO...
It was a quiet and hot saturday and we knew that in RIO BRANCO AVENUE, the famous BLOCO Bola Preta would close the street and get together a big crowded...OH MY GOD...WE SAW EVERYTHING and literally we saw many regular people setting their soul free!!! And we were all crazy...we danced alot the best of our samba musics and we were so excited to see so many happiness!!!
BOLA PRETA is a street band of almost 100 years and every carnaval they are there, providing joy and lots of fun!!!!
I am always working during Carnaval...and what a work!!! Marcone is now working in our Carnaval and thanks for that we have made so many wonderful friends!!!
GLEN and MARION quickly got the CARIOCA SPIRIT...and they seemed real brazilians dancing and playing SAMBA!!!! We have noticed that no language is need when you simply wish to be free and happy!!!
This kind of extasis is here every year waiting for you to be part of our HISTORY!!!!
And believe me, this british couple made HISTORY in our Carnaval time!!!!

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