Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I just realized that we do not need to go very far to go to the jungle! And we do not need to go so far to experience Brazil some long years ago...But after a very busy high season, Marcone and I were just desperately looking for one place where not even the Brazilians go!!!
We can go to other States easily because Rio de Janeiro is not far from São Paulo, it is not far from Minas Gerais and it is not far from Espirito Santo.
FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND...Brazil is a country of 27 States and the country is divided in five regions:
Rio State belongs to the South East Region which has 4 States: RIO DE JANEIRO, SÃO PAULO, MINAS GERAIS AND ESPIRITO SANTO.
MINAS GERAIS can be a very pleasant surprise for every traveller INCLUDING MYSELF!!!
Since I was a child I have always gone to Minas Gerais which capital is BELO HORIZONTE.
Minas has wonderful mountains, fantastic national parks with jungles and lots of wild rivers...and when you have mountains with forests you can find spectacular waterfalls and white rivers...the nature is present every where. Minas Gerais is also the site of the most important historical towns of the country such as Ouro Preto, Mariana, Congonhas do Campo and Tiradentes!
I have deep love for adventures and wildlife. This is my INDIANA JONES and JACQUES COUSTEAU side. And We thought about going there and have some rest with a lot of adventurous activities and I took the oportunity to research about a new destination where I can also take my guests...YES YOU CAN ALSO GO THERE AND EXPERIENCE THE BEST OF OUR JUNGLES and you do not need to go so far.
Four hours by car you can experience a very local side of our Brazil...We chose to stay in Caxambu, very traditional town in the south of Minas Gerais State where the natural mineral water springs are famous to heal many deseases, so many people go there for such a fantastic treatment. The city has a slow pace..everyone knows each other and they soon realize when you do not belong to the place, but they give you such a warm welcome, people are really friendly just like any coutryside location.
Close to Caxambu on the bottom of a huge range of Mountains that we call MANTIQUEIRA..there are several cities with incredible green sanctuary that reaches some villages like BAEPENDI...
Hiking in the jungle, coming across with wild rivers with very clean waters in a place that you meet the nature so alive that you feel that you are part of it!!! We spend the whole day exploring the wonders of Gamarra River in two incredible places: at the Moinho Falls and Caixão Branco Natural Pools!
Marcone and I hired a local guide, his name is Pablo and he knows all the secret of a wild life...JUNGLE JUNGLE JUNGLE!!!!
So when you come to Rio, think about to get two extra days and let's explore Brazil. THIS IS MY WORK AND THIS IS MY PASSION!!!!
You will see that you will have a lot of option in your trip to Brazil and you can have access to many places which are not touristic...
Be sure that you can have incredible places to stay, in Caxambu the hotels are old, comfortable and absolutely traditionals. And you pay very little!!!
Write to me and we can discuss details of an unique weekend in places that ONLY YOU will be able to explore!!!!
So now you know where two good tour guides get hidden!!!!

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