Tuesday, March 3, 2009


These meetings are getting more and more common...quite often in my tours I have the glorious suprise to meet Marcone in our various amazing places of Rio de Janeiro. He is the nearest person that follows my work and all my career. His way of guiding has a lot to do with me and he had graduated at the same tourism school that I was graduted about nine years ago!!!
I have been completely busy since, well, I don't know, since deep apologies for all the people who had to wait ages for my reply and sometimes no reply at all, but when high season comes, RAFAEL HAS NO TIME TO BREATH!!!! But I always to my best to provide the best service for anyone who looks for my receptive services here in Rio and also in other places of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela.
MARCONE IS THE FIRST TOUR GUIDE THAT I RECOMMEND TO ANYONE WHO WRITES TO ME. He is part of my team of spectacular tour guides that really provides a local taste to any visitor which comes to Rio.
And I am honored and proud to meet Marcone in every little part of this city!!!
MARCONE HAS THE FACE OF RIO and he is such a sweet person that makes Rio even more special to anyone who comes here for the first time!!!!
It is wonderful to see such a perfect professional growing in a occupation that I give more than my heart. This duty to be a tour guide I carry on with crazy passion, and Marcone has the enthusiasm of someone really proud about his land and his heritage. Marcone makes Rio an unique experience and he is the one that I trust with my eyes closed!!!!
THIS LAST MEETING, THE LAST OF MANY OTHER MEETINGS THAT FOR SURE WE WILL HAVE, HAPPENED ON THE TOP OF CORCOVADO HILL UNDER THE OPEN ARMS OF CHRIST...WE HAD A BLAST THERE. MARCONE WITH OUR DEAREST FAMILY FROM ISRAEL...Our friends Hillel, Rita, Thithi (the brazilian name I found for her) and Simha...wonderful people from a country where I have such incredible friends, and now not only friends, I have a family in Israel, and I was with my guests from the WONDERFUL STATE OF A THOUSAND LAKES...MY BEAUTIFUL MINNESSOTA...Mark and Walter which whom I could show the best of Rio and Niteroi, and we spent the whole day meeting our groups either in Rio or Niteroi.
And through these pictures you can follow Marcone's great experiences with special guests that became our close friends...OUR FAMILY FROM ISRAEL and our other BRITISH FAMILY FROM LONDON, Glen and Marion, special guests who found in Rio their second home and absolutely special friends!!!
Marcone and I took care of all these people who come to Rio expecting to have the best of the city and we gave them more than they could ever expect!!!
So everytime I recommend you to be with Marcone while you are in Rio....You will be with Marcone, and will be in very good hands!!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes

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