Tuesday, November 4, 2008


For the World, he is now a great tour guide, he just finish our Tourism School, he has his badge and now he is ready to be in the city and also all over Brazil to show the best of our land, to take you to real places where Rio de Janeiro is the Rio de Janeiro you really want to see.
For me, Marcone is a very special friend who shares with me the taste for adventure, the natural people's curiosity, the joy of travelling. And we also share the same apartment. Marcone has lived with my family for more than two years and he is my best assistant in my Amazon Tours, and I personally tought him everything I know, and he got his own knowledge that he took from School and for his long life experience in spite of his age!!!
Marcone is a PEOPLE'S PERSON..his smile has the joy of Brazil and his natural talent and contagious great spirit can lead you to the best places in Rio!!!
His best skills are the so interesting walking tour in the centre of Rio showing our glorious past and busy present. And he also organizes a fantastic bike tour in our beaches, from Copacabana to Leblon and a complete ride on the Lagoon, aka Lagoa or Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas.
As a guide I am sure he can be your best friend in Rio as well, someone you can always count...
Marcone works much more during his vacations in his work, yes, he is an English Teacher; and in his college; he is studying medicine to be a nurse!!!
So that guarantees that you will not have any problems with the language, and if by chance you get hurt, you will have also a very efficient nurse, hahahaha :))))
But from my almost EIGHT YEARS guiding in Rio I can strongly recommend Marcone to be your guide when I am not able to be with you in any trip to Rio de Janeiro. He is reliable, easy to get on with, flexible and very smart!!!
He is a brilliant guide, a wonderful friend and my best tourism partner...
He works with me and he will be very happy to answer all your question at

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