Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Here you can read more about my guests and their funny moments in Rio or anywhere in the State. Here you can also read about their own opinion about our tours! This space belongs to my guests and it is also way that I can always give you cool information about our GORGEOUS RIO!!!

I will always report the best adventures, the best tours with all guests I welcome from all over the World...but mostly my friends fellows from USA, UNITED KINGDON, RUSSIA, CANADA AND AUSTRALIA..this is a space where all my guest can make comments and they will see themselves inthe funniest moments in their travels in and out of Brazil.

Most of the pictures will be in Rio where I live and have a big part of my tours.Rio de Janeiro is for sure the gateway to Brazil. In this state you can have a sample of what you are going to see if you decide to go deeper in your Brazil journey, and now you can be sure that you can count on me. Rio as green mountains, our forests are full of animals and all kind of vegetation, we have places where you can have fresh air all the time, where you can here birds singing, the fantastic combination of mountain and ocean is present everywhere, Rio has a diverse culture, rhythms coming from the samba, influences of all races make the brazilian music one of the most interesting in the world, and thanks to that we have the worldwide famous SAMBA and BOSSA NOVA; Rio has wild beaches and glamorous seasides like Copacabana and Ipanema, like many people must know very few about Brazil but for sure every single person in the world has heard about Copabana, Ipanema, the Christ on the top of a hill..

Rio is in people mind even when they do not know about Brazil.I am very keen on Rio de Janeiro, I let my guests know the great and most interesting secrets of Rio, and I also help them in every destination in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, The Amazon Rain Forest - starting in Maranhão State - and the northern coast of Brazil. I also organize tours and plan trips all over Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela (believe me, you can also have lots of fun there!)

So in this blog you are the owner, I will just report our best adventures! If you are willing to have even more adventures, be in touch with me, my personal email address is

And you can learn more of my tours in my other blog which is:

Your comments in each posting is absolutely you can also express your opinion about my tours and also report your experiences with this friend and tour guide!!!
Please send your comments to my personal email and i will publish it here!!!!
I wish you more and more trips to Brazil and let me always keep you in good hands!!!

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