Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The name says everything...Grande means BIG...ILHA means ISLAND...How big are your ideas of a great paradise specially when you are on holidays??? Well, already being in Rio is a good feeling but when yo know that outside of Rio there is a place exactly as you once in your life read abiut lush green forests, fantastic tropical beaches, cool emerald and sparkling green waters; lazy life with colourful and friendly people. Well, this is the real idea that you must have about Ilha Grande!!!

This dream starts in a very charming village called Abraão. Nothing really changed that much since the pirate and colonial times...Still a trade center between the island and the continent, still a place where travellers from all over the World meet to continue their endevours all around the southern of Brazil or even travellers heading north of the country!
Life in Abraão is one is in a hurry...there is one square with a small church in the center, one side the restaurants and the Pousadas and other side where the locals commute, lots of very simple houses where people have the privilege of living in that so incredible Paradise. The locals still walk in their bare foot, caring carts with goods, visiting each other by clapping hands before get in to the gates, children playing football in the sand, friends talking under the shade of gorgeous coconut palm trees or very shady almond trees, gentle street dogs everywhere, some of them without being invited guide you through out of the islands; forest and wild life in every single corner of the island; strategic viewpoints that make you be sure that you are really in a paradise; incredible trails that lead you to marvelous natural pools and imrpessive waterfalls.
And Abraão is the only main village of 20 different villages in Ilha Grande and more than 100 beaches, this island is surrounded by magnificent inlet bays, an island of a big variety of wild life; close to your window you can see a very lovely SKUNK playing in the trees sharing the same space with all kind of birds, everywhere you see you can find flowers always ready to provide multiple orgasms for the rumming birds that cheerfully kiss each flower..and what flowers!!!
Abraão is the real meeting point where you can have the best food of the whole enormous country of Brazil, it is also the place where you will see Brazilians from every part of the country and it is also a meeting point where you will see people from every corner of the Planet!!! Remember, this land has been a PIRATE shelter, a very important slavery market, a great supplies point for the portuguese navigators and settlers...That makes Abraão as cosmopolitan as Manhattan!!! With a tropical and clean Hudsob Bay, of course...But in this island called ILHA GRANDE, the "Statue of Liberty" is your soul full of tropical dreams and your immediate plan to find a gorgeous wild beach.
Impossible to describe with words what you can find in this paradise!!! I would have to write a book and all I want to do is to explain that ILHA GRANDE is a must in any trip in Rio de Janeiro!!!

It is my favourite place for relaxing, adventure and work!!! As my danish friend Jakob says. Ilha Grande is one of my "EXOTIC OFFICES".

As a matter of fact..Brazil gives me incredible "offices"

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