Sunday, November 16, 2008


Niteroi is a city made exclusively for the people who live there. They don't really mind to show to the world that the city is indeed one of the most interesting places in Brazil. The local Receptive Tours Agencies in Rio usually ignore Niteroi because they know that Rio gets the FAME OF THE WORLD!!!!
No doubt that Rio de Janeiro is simply magnificent. I love my homeland and I am very proud that in the World Scenery, my city is present in many people's dream!!!
Niteroi (great for the city and too bad for the World) is still a virgin terrain for World Travellers...The tours just reach the amazing Contemporary Art Museum - MAC which provides a gorgeous view of the Bay Area and where our visitor can see one of the last projects of our Architect Oscar Niemeyer.
Niteroi is much more than our Museum...
And I do more...a tour in Niteroi, you will discover some hidden treasures that everyone in the World should see!!!
A cool secret is visiting our military instalations which in Brazil most of them are open for the public!!! But sometimes not even the locals are aware about this unique privilege!!!
The Fort São Luis is located in a very interesting fishermen village called Jurujuba...yes, I know that the names are difficult to remember. Not always the fort is open, it is more likely to visit there in the weekend. It is also known as "FORTE DO PICO", the old construction to watch the Ocean and the entrance of the Bay was built in 1775; but we know that the first constructions was held many years ago by the French, in their second invasion.
Not only History you will know about Brazil when you visit the Fort, but you will see spectacular views of Rio and find out that Niteroi still have unique beaches even the locals do not know the existence!!!
I have contacts there, so we can go to the beach...incredible Imbui Beach...
Think about Niteroi and you must add Niteroi in your list!!!
It is a very clean city with fantastic surprises!!!! I am glad that I include a very complete visit to the city in my tours.
My guests can always say to anyone: I HAVE BEEN TO RIO!!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes

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