Monday, November 17, 2008


Right now it is high season in Rio so I am quite busy and I will always be busy with my tours and a lot of internet working as I reply emails to all my guests and I also write travel articles for some travel agencies in England, USA, Malta and Australia! So if I take some time to write, please think that I am really busy with my tours, giving to all people in the World the joy to explore real life in Rio!!!

My work has a lot of passion, my work gives me wonderful friends and I give all of me in every place I take my people. Once I have my guests, they will see places where locals love to go, they will see the famous spots by the eye of a real native. These guests become friends and these friends will always take sweet memories of Rio, and this Rio is not only THE "destination", Rio will become a HOME for them!!! I don't have big structure...I just have my experiences, my knowledge and my joy of belonging to my city. And certainly, my car. So, comfort, my guests will always they will have because I know where, when and how to go everywhere; can't you have fun in a sunny and so vibrant city like Rio de Janeiro????

Well, I have my contacts here, I can welcome from one people to a group of 30 people because some agencies here have a lot of confidence in my work, and they always offer their structure under my total assistence!!!

So I am very grateful that people keep on writing to me, I am very grateful for everyone who just write to me to get some information or people who write to me for taking care of their travel plans, and I make these plans being dreams and happiness!!!

Thank you so much for your interest and confidence!!! Be patient if I take too much time with no response. I might be in some secret of Rio showing to people what you will certainly experience!!! I will never forget your request, this you can be sure of!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner
NOTE: Some of the pictures were not taken in Rio, one was taken in the outskirts of Caracas in Venezuela and another one was taken in Iguazu Falls where I also have my work!

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