Friday, November 14, 2008


What to say when you have great people to show your own land??? When they do not know what they are going to see before meeting you??? When everything is a real surprise in each place you go????
My mission was to show them Rio, but not the touristic places..of course I had in mind to show the heart and the soul of Rio de Janeiro, and we started doing a great job...We were going to the Sugar Loaf but we haven't gone to the top of the hill. I am not saying that being to the top is a bad thing to do...but they did much more than any tourist that comes to Rio for the first time...
They did what every curious people have to do...they walked a little more and come across with Praia Vermelha and they found a trail where locals get through the gates just to walk, and they found a trail in the Atlantic Forest..the not famous at all PISTA CLAUDIO COUTINHO, where I usually take food for some friends...And these friends welcomed ED and ISABEL with great enthusiasm!!!!
I am for sure that there is a couple in Winnipeg that know alot about Rio de Janeiro!!!
In one day we made TWO this side of the Bay, Rio de Janeiro and the other side of the Bay...Niteroi!!!
I would like to salute Ed and Isabel for such great curiosity about Rio and my land, and I put my land in their hearts and they will always have all the special places well kept in the memory.
You just met a tour guide and left in Brazil a friend!!!
They really experienced Rio like locals and they SAW everything!!!! :)
Ed became an Angel!!! :) YOU SEE MIRACLES HAPPENS!!!
The Canadian couple got also politically involved with the brazilian student movement, supporting their request for fair distribuition of food in public schools! hahahahahaha
With many thanks for the great hoster Marta ( for recommend me to Ed and Isabel, without my friend Marta this lovely day would never be possible! :)

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