Monday, October 27, 2008


I am very into photography, actually I spend my life provinding some interesting images of my land for so many visitors that I welcome!!! Everywhere I go in Rio, I see many species of our fauna and so many plants that makes Brazil one of the most incredible countries regarding animal life.

I love these shots and I keep an eye on tree branches...and taking my great texan couple Cappie and Robert to our Botanical Gardens i finally could take pictures of our toucans...

Beautiful colorful birds that we find quite often in our forest and in many other countries in our South America.

Finding toucans here is a clear sign that preservation in Rio is something that we take very seriously. So proud of this moment..they are difficult birds to be photographed in the wilderness...

But the nature today decided to be very kind and generous to me....I got pictures of another very naive fish, mostly found in the Amazon, the TAMBAQUI, huge river fish crazy for nuts, searching for nuts it gets a easy target for hungry fishermen...I also could get pictures of another very common bird of our flora...the NOIVINHA...cute white and black bird...

My pleasure to share with you images taken today, october 26th, 2008.

We had such a fantastic afternoon in one of the top ten botanical garden in the World!

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