Saturday, October 25, 2008


Some guests I have are so special that they become dear friends for life time. As many great people I have met and who are now so dear to me, Cappie and Robert invaded my heart and they got here to stay.

When my guests come here I want them to experience everything and get to know Brazil as a real country, not a country made for tourists to do touristic things...No...they are here to walk everywhere, they are here to tell others that you do not need to be afraid to stroll around all over the city, they are here to say to others that our people are friendly, that our people are struggling alot to stop crime and we demanding even more attitudes to make Rio a better place to live and to be visited, my guests are here to see Rio from its past, its present and help us to build a future!

So my brave friends in their second day...well, we decided to explore the CENTRO using our subway system, very efficient and it serves the city greatly well, we walked in the city and saw the main old buildings and some colonial churches, we went deep in our hstory, and we had lunch in typical restaurants, and in our way back to Copacabana, they took a bus just like every single Carioca.

Sometimes experiencing the simple things of life can make any trip to be really spectacular!

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