Saturday, October 25, 2008


We are in touch for quite a while...she was planning to visit South America and so she started to research about places and guides. Robert had Rio in mind..and she knew it. So Cappie started reading about which countries in the Continent they would like to visit, and Brazil was for sure part of their list...

She understood that a guidewould be necessary for them to explore Rio properly and help them about places to go...suddenly they googled guides in Rio, and they found my name ( I have to tell how fortunate I am for such a great decision), according to some reviews about my tours she decided to write me such a kind email.

I responded...months after we are now the three of us together in Rio and we are in our second day..and believe me, we are doing a lot!!! Two days here is like two weeks here and we experienced everything Rio can offer.

They visited strange places like a PRIVATE CONDO???? Yes, and they had loads of fun!!! We found out one of the wildest beaches in Rio called Joa. We could also see the very green Tijuca Forest.

First time of this remarkable woman in Rio makes my work richer and makes me very honored!!!

And she is here with her husband Robert, another very curious about Brazilian Culture, wonderful and dear friend.

They will write great stories in my tour book!

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