Thursday, September 25, 2008


Two years ago he came to Rio for the first time and he was only a tourist...One evening when Marcone and I got to BIP BIP, a very traditional samba and bossa nova bar in Copacabana, I was introduced to him and a great friendship started!!! We had a lovely dinner at home and I took him to one of the secrets of Rio, the trail of Claudio Coutinho, a nice green park surrounding the Sugar Loaf.
We had so much fun together that we kept in touch...because he had great ideas about Rio in a view of a foreigner, and he really appreciated my ideas regarding tourism in the countries and we have a lot of ideas in common about how to visit and how to explore properly a new destination in Latin America.
This person is called Jakob Toksvig...a real traveller and a genuine brazilian at heart. So accurate brazilian fan that he started studying portuguese in Copenhagen just because he would like to understand more about our culture. Now he is learning even more portuguese with Marcone's classes (yes our tour guide is also a teacher and also a nursery student!!!) Alone, he had travel to many different States from the Amazon to Salvador, from Salvador to Rio, by bus, by plane...simply walking, simply open his curiosity for real local life everywhere he goes in Brazil.
Thanks to that Jakob has made many friends in the country and we developed a plan together...he was really thinking to move to Brazil and stay for at least one year just for doing something different, something even more challenging. And he knew that I really want to increase my work as a tour guide, he knew my ideas and decided to help me and promote my tours in Denmark and all over Europe, and I thought he could be very useful for danish people when they come to Rio and find someone from Denmark very experienced about Brazil and Jakob could be also their guide in Rio and other trips to different parts of Brazil.
Jakob and I also work together, I give him assistence and he gives me assistence!!!
Now we share the same plans and also the same apartment here in Copacabana, a place that we choose to stay, also with the glorious company of our great friend Marcone. The 3 of us are really invoved in the travel business and we are the ones who indeed will make life easier for every visitor of Rio!!!
We have been working alot here and everything is working out fine, and Jakob decided to make a interview that I gladly accept to participate. This interview you can read in my blog!!!
In the pictures you can see that we really know how to have fun in Rio.
The pictures were taken in a very popular market, FEIRA DO NORDESTE with our fantastic Maltese friend Marie and the second picture was taken in one of our pleasant coffe afternoons at Copacabana Palace.

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