Wednesday, October 29, 2008


United States are not a kingdon, but I am sure this country has a Queen and a King....
They are from Texas...actually the Queen is from Mississipi, but Texas is for sure in her heart!
And this ROYAL COUPLE is in Ilha Grande right now!!!!! This royal visit happened to be just for two days, but enough time for them to see a genuine side of Brazil that very few people experience it.
Cappie I and Robert II are enjoying the best of the island...simply doing the basic places of the island. They haven't come here so prepared to explore the incredible wilderness of the island, but they could experience the peace of ABRAÃO VILLAGE, they could walk in the dirt road streets of the residencial side of the island and they could hike in the old ruins of our Lazzaretto Aqueduct, telling us the glorious past of this pirate shelter, an island full of lush green and exotic animals like the SCREAMING BUGIOS....
They could taste the best of our native food at Rei do Camarão and they slept in a wooden little house in the mountain forest of Parrot Peak!!!
Two days completely relaxing in an island where no cars are allowed, in a place that for everything you do, you have to use your own legs to do it. A place where everyone welcomes you with a huge smile at the face!!!
Cappie and Robert are very happy in Ilha Grande and they will be very happy to share such a fantastic experience with you!!!!

ILHA GRANDE is certainly more beautiful now after a delightful royal visit!!!
Me and all the island are grateful for such a visit!!!!
If you visit the island for sure your portuguese will increase, you will learn to say BOA TARDE out loud for every person you come across. A place that the houses have no bells, you've got to clap in front of their gate, and they come to talk to you!!!
A hidden paradise until nowadays. this fantastic island with more than 100 beaches are waiting for you to discover!!!!
And you know what...I know the easiest way for you to have a life time trip!!!!
Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide


Ironman said...

Rafa! I love your reports. You are taking such good care of my parents, the "King and Queen." Thank you and keep the reports and photos coming!
- Rob Addison, Jr. (aka the "Prince").

Anonymous said...


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