Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Oh yes!!!! YOUR TOUR GUIDE IN RIO ALSO LOVES ADVENTURES!!! And flying is one of his passions!!! My maltese friends (actually my dear Mediterrenean Family) inspired me to do that, after some paraglyding jumps and no hang-glydings...I asked to myself: WHY NOT???

Then in one tuesday morning I decided to go to São Conrado and talk with Ricardo, our most experience pilot which I always recommend if my guests want to do something special in Rio de Janeiro. Ricardo promptly prepared everything and some minutes after was on the top of Pedra Bonita Mountain at the Tijuca National Forest, a gorgeous national park that we have in Rio, and after some explanations I was in the sky of one of the most beautiful city in the World. RIO DE JANEIRO!!!

My heart was as excited as a samba school in the samba parade of Rio!!! Some minutes before jumping I was wondering that again I would meet my vultures friends!

Many people do not like them because they are famous for their eating habits..but few people know that they are master of our WILD LIFE AVIATION!!! And we have to learn alot from them!;)

As a bird I saw very different and amazing views of Rio. It is hard to describe in words how beautiful it is, but it is very possible for us to have such an unique experience that me, my friends John and Marie and some of my guests strongly recommend!!!


And Thanks to the instructors Ricardo and Paulinho for such a great and efficient assistance!

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