Monday, August 11, 2008


It is absolutely ridiculous to call this people "tourists", no they are not...but they make my work even special because I always get fantastic friends and they start to belong to my very precious family!!! So I prefer to say that they are my "guests", but what if they become very special friends????? Well, Marg and Pete did...and I must say LONG LIFE TO AUSTRALIA!!!! :))))))

After having such a complete tour, we decided to have some beer to celebrate their love for Rio and to say good bye and talking about new australians guests to come and planning a trip to my DREAMLAND Australia and also start planning a second visit to Brazil, this time with more time and more places to go!!!

And of course I wanted to make special because my australian friends are simply fantastic people, then I invited my super, hiper, ultra incredible best friends and also co-workers...MARCONE and JAKOB to make our meeting even more informal.

And we had such a glorious night...and WHAT A NIGHT!!!

Starting with some beers at our house because we needed a warm up and I was so happy to open to our friends our new house! :))))

Then Jakob joined us to have some drinks in the edge of Lagoa (a very charming lagoon all surrounded with mountains and nice residential buildings..we had a blast at ARABE..too romantic for crazy fellows like us but this place was special..and to "deceive our bellies" we ate typical KIBES, according to Pete...we ate CAMEL BALLS...I wonder how "elephants" must seem...the we decided that staying at the ARABE was not suficient, but we were waiting Marcone to join us there, and he finally came, he stayed for a while and we had a real great 10 minutes!!!

Very fast we decided to go to Leblon, very exclusive neighborhood of Rio where the most interesting locals usually go...We had brazilian snacks and we had everything that brazilians need to simply go out, talk and laugh out loud with friends. JUST HAVING THE BEST OF OUR FUN ENJOYING NORMAL LIFE!;)))))) At Leblon we sit at Guanabara, hottest point of the Golden Carioca Society, a place where you see and you be seen, but we do not really care about it!!!

And we had what Guanabara has as a speciality...we had a giant pizza...smoked sausage and a very creamy cheese that we call CATUPIRY with little pieces of chicken!!!

Marg and Pete had the taste of a casual Rio, with no tours, with no attractions..they just enjoy the informal way of the CARIOCAS, they just started to be part of our family!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes

P.S.: After such a fantastic night I start wonder..what is the real borderline between a guest and a friend??? It is a delicate region that when you know how to deal with it becomes such an extraordinary privilege. My work always give me wonderful friends, and I am grateful for everyone which just choose Rio to have the best time of their lives!

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