Monday, August 11, 2008


He is not famous, he is not present in any art gallery in Brazil or any art gallery or museum in the World which is a pety!!! Fernando is just a street artist and he is a good one!!! With his hand he makes pieces of art..unique feelings that made him a very sensitive sculptor. He plays with wood with the same natural way he talks. He is very humble, he has the wisdon of a simple life person who lives in the suburb. Of course he sells his art but we can make his day with a simple compliment! and he always in the mood to tell with details how he does his art work...with his hand he makes barroc saints which always have been a strong influence in many countryside villages and in many very old colonial churchs of Brazil, and he also express his love for our Nature very rich in animals and plants.

He just have a natural skill on dealing with woods..he sees a branch then he pictures exactly what he wants to do...maybe a saint he likes, maybe a pet or just a wild animal that he sees everyday in the forest!

Fernando does not speak english...he just know that many foreigners buy his art...I do not know whether he is recognized or not according to the prices he has in his work, but all I know is Fernando is very appreciated for what he does.

Normally, I am always very critical regardind the Hippie Fair in Ipanema..too much touristy, not so friendly prices in all kind or crafts..But I can recognize REAL ART wherever I go, and I was very impressed to meet Fernando and see how spectacular his work is. I am into art, I am into history and I am into nature, and through Fernando's hand you can see it in everything.

I wish I could have one piece of his art at home and I am telling you, one day I will.

You can also have Fernando's work dedicated specially for you, you give him an idea and he makes it in two days, a week, three weeks depending of the size of your criation.

I told him that as he has not got an email address and would never read what people want, they can write to my email for more information about how to purchase his marvelous would work or about how he could show his work to anyone interested to make Fernando popular because he gives life to dead wood and in my opinion this is unique.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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