Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It is very hard to describe in words the most fantastic moments of your life, at east for me when something is so grand, but so grand that words are not good enough to express a love and so much fondness for a certain land!!!


Well, that happens a long time ago..I was there in the winter of 2005 and WHAT A WINTER!!!

But one year before I welcome a very special guests who could experience Brazil like a Brazilian!!! He came here and spent 3 weeks visiting not only Rio but many states and we took the car and we were riding these endless roads of Brazil heading south!!!! :)

This canadian guest became one of my best and fantastic friends that I have in life and much more than this...he believed in my work and after the denial of my american visa he was the one who convinced me to promote my tours outside Brazil and he helped me to look for very good contacts in the travel business in provinces of Quebec and Ontario!

And of course, he provided me a "canadian look" to explore Canada! And I really did a lot over there...I could be in touch with its wonderful people, I could travel the countryside, I could experience wild life, I could really experience the winter adventures by hiking, cross country skiing, snowmobiles, skiiing and walking on frozen lakes!!!! And I LOVED IT!!!!

It is good to look back and always know that in North America I have a home, it really touches the heart that when I think about Canada I can think about my dear friends, specially Pierre and his mother Jacqueline which her love and endless generosity I could keep in the heart, and thanks to Pierre my career became a rocket and I can see him as a great brother always ready to accept new challenges and make me grow!!!

Thanks to this trip in Canada, I could open a great market and I met wonderful people from Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa Calgary and Vancouver.

I will never forget David Craiggs (an englishman but canadian in the heart, the great hiker AND MY VERY FIRST CANADIAN GUEST which started my great curiosity about this lovely and special country) and Anita from Calgary, Jane and John from Vancouver; Mike and his daughter Robin from Ottawa, most recently Aly and Melissa from Toronto. And I will never forget my future guests Gilliam and Phil from Oakville who are coming for a fantastic brazilian adventure in October!!!

But I really have to turn it public that I am very fortunate to be with spectacular people and a friend like Pierre you know how big a friendship can be...if we measure friends in size, Pierre has the size of Canada!

Canada was the first step I made to conquer North America. I really believe that thanks to our friendship and mutual curiosity we can make either north and south just one America and I am way more than prouder to welcome not only Canadians but my wonderful American friends in this warmest side of the Continent!!!

So my love and deep thankfulness (is this word exist????) for Canada must be registered here, in a blog that I write about my professional life (most of time also VERY PERSONAL LIFE, hahahaha) and my funniest adventures with guests, with friends, sometimes alone...but here you know, you will alwats read about cool things that I experienced and great information about what we can do in Brazil. And some interesting facts that happened with my guests in my tours everywhere in the country and also everywhere in South America!


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