Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I always believe that everyday is Mother's Day, but once in a year we have one special day to make a tribute for the woman who brought you to this world!

It is hard to express the big meaning of this woman to me, all I know that I would not reach half of what I have without My Mother's Goodness and big help in my education!

Living with her is like being in Cuba with a Sweet Fidel Castro in my daily life, she loves me I know and with her love she made what I am today...If I am kind with people and know how to respect everyone, she taught me the values to respect everybody no matter who they are, she gave me love and I give love to anyone because she sent me LOTS OF LOVE TO MY HEART AND TO MY LIFE!

She gave me everything even what she could not have, but she provided me knowledge, and she gave me the tools for me to make what you read right now, more information about Brazil, the land that she always taught me how to love, she told me that our land is sacred, our land will be everlasting in our life history and in our heart.

Mother Stella is the great strengh of my life, and she rules my life with a strong hand but with a light wind of freedom. She taught me the values of freedom, something that for one weird reason I do not feel this breeze coming from people I know in our environment. But I do not care, she also gave me the power to forgive and walk ahead, no matter what problems we have!

She is a woman of courage, and faced many difficulties in life with no fear. And I have the strengh of the wind to gain my future and will of God to succed in life!

She is a woman of goodness....telling me that it is always important to build a smile in everyone's face! And that is why even with no conditions I walways try to promote social work in the poor communities close to me!

We have our up and downs, so many high moments that together we touch the clouds, and some deep downs that make us a real war worst than any war in Iraq. but above all we understand that the love between son and mother is unique, it is a link that no one can take away from us!

I am proud to have her blood in my veins and really proud to be her son!

I am the son of a wonderful person, I am the son of someone with a great heart, big enough to host all of you!

Not only to my mother, but to all mother in the World, I wish you loads of love, tons of peace, and great elephants of happiness.

We always have to remember that our great gift of life came from the belly of a woman.


As a tour guide I also have to make my Mother very updated about the places in Rio, this wednesday I was HER GUIDE!!!

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