Saturday, August 9, 2008


We had such a great time in a very complete tour around Rio. Olga and Mike decided to have a trip of their dreams in Brazil and it was my responsability to make it really special. We saw all the main places of Rio, we went to the mountains of Niteroi and we spent two days in Ilha Grande which will be the great destination in Rio for this summer!!!

I am very honored to welcome such nice friends and keep the tradition to have russian guests...YES, OLGA IS FROM RUSSIA, Mike a great midwest friend from Illinois!!!
We laughed a lot and as usual they just proved that Rio is still a magic place to visit!!!

We took this photo in a very hidden surprise of Rio, in the west side of the city. Canal do Marapendi, a chain of channels of a big lagoon where the Carioca's high middle class have their houses!!!

It is part of my tours taking my guests to new places!!! :)))))

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